Relays will be contested during prelims.

PRELIMINARY EVENTS will be run at 2 sites where Teams are separated based on entries. FINALS will then combined top 10 times for each event and will be contested at the EGAC site in the evening.

FINALS will be broken out by age group as (10&Under, 11-12, 13-14, 15-16, and 17-18).
*500 10&Under, 1650, and 1000 events will be contested as timed finals during preliminaries after relays.


Sierra Nevada Swimming Members-

I would like to start this letter by thanking all of our swimmers, officials, coaches and parents for their resilience in dealing with COVID these past 14 months. This includes support for your home teams as well as our sport.

Through the hard work and dedication of our teams and members, Sierra Nevada Swimming (SNS) as been able to:

    1. Increase the Sierra Nevada Swimming membership in 2021 to return to pre-COVID numbers.
    2. Host major meets this summer (Bill Rose Classic, CA/NV Speedo Sectionals and an All-Star Meet)
    3. Offer events for swimmers and members both in-person as well as virtually.
    4. Support numerous Sierra Nevada Swimmers as well as an official who participated in the 2021 Olympic Trials.

We are less than 24 hours away from hosting two major meets-each having over 600 swimmers attending. A huge thank you should be extended to the California Capital Aquatics, Sierra Marlins Swim Team and Elk Grove Aquatics Club as well the organizers and officials involved in making these meets a reality. As with many LSC’s throughout the country, our leadership had lengthy discussions as to whether or not we would be able to offer these types of meets. We ultimately made the decision to move forward for the sake of our swimmers and member teams.

The recent developments within the State of California have included updated California Department of Public Health recommendations. Based on these, the Sierra Nevada Swimming Board has decided to proceed as follows at Sectionals and the Bill Rose Classic meets:

  • Face masks will NOT be required at either meet as per CDC guidelines as well as the facility guidelines. Individuals are encouraged to follow guidelines in relation to vaccinated as well as non-vaccinated individuals.
  • Until the vaccine is approved for 12-UN children, many vaccinated people may wish to continue wearing masks at indoor and outdoor public gatherings especially given the more transmissible and infectious variants in circulation.
  • Spectators will NOT be allowed at CA/NV Speedo Sectionals and the Bill Rose Classic meets as stipulated the sanctioned meet announcement.

We do understand the desire of parents, family and friends to be able to watch their. swimmers race at these meets. However, the planning leading into this meet, as well as the potential large number of people involved (swimmers, spectators, volunteers and coaches) would not allow for changes to be made for these meets.

We thank everyone for their cooperation and understanding regarding the meets this week. It is important to note that this is a decision by Sierra Nevada Swimming and its Board of Directors, not from the host teams or their volunteers. Any questions or concerns should be directed to the leadership of SNS.

Good luck to all of our swimmers at their meets this weekend!!!


Ricky Silva
General Chairpage2image86144
Sierra Nevada Swimming


Events will be run at 2 sites where Teams are separated based on the registered City of the respective Club. FINALS will then be based on the combined top 10 times for each event and will be contested at the EGAC site in the evening.

Subject to change and based on COVID limitations, number of entries, warm-up limitations at each site, and other restrictions on the dates of the event, Teams traveling from outside the greater Sacramento area are planned to primarily be placed at Elk Grove site for prelims. Teams within the greater Sacramento area will be divided between Elk Grove and Folsom sites with the goal to not split teams between two sites, but to ensure that we have a balance of athletes at each site.

All swimmers are automatically checked into their events for which they are registered. If a swimmer is registered for more than 3 events in a day, they must scratch any additional events prior to the scratch deadline. If a swimmer fails to scratch out of any additional events, they will be checked into the first 3 events they are registered for the day and scratched out of any additional events.

The last three heats of each event will be circle seeded except for the events noted as timed finals. Any swimmer who fails to compete in an individual preliminary event in which they are seeded will be barred from all further individual events of that day. According to Sierra Nevada Rules, at SNS Spring Championships and Summer Championships, if a swimmer misses an individual event, they are barred from competing in any further individual events for that day from their missed event and on. They are still allowed to compete in the Team relays for that day. Swimmers have 30 minutes after results of preliminaries are announced to scratch from final’s competition. A swimmer may (on the same deadline) declare his/her intention to scratch pending results’ announcements of their subsequent event in the prelims (not including the 1000’s and 1650’s) but must notify the Administrative Referee of their decision 30 minutes after the results of their last individual event are announced, 207.11.6E(2).

If ten (10) swimmers or less check in for a particular event, those swimmers shall compete in the prelims and the finals of that event. 102.5.1A(1) If there is only one heat, it shall be swum as scheduled during the preliminaries and finals.

Finals will be broken out by age group as (10&Under, 11-12, 13-14, 15-16, and 17-18). Finals will not begin any sooner than 90 minutes after the end of prelims (relay events included), not including the 1650’s and 1000’s. There will be one heat of the top ten swimmers. Swimmers will be seeded in the finals unless they are scratched. A swimmer must swim finals to receive points or an award. Any swimmer qualifying for a final that fails to compete shall be barred from further competition for the remainder of the meet except as noted in USA Swimming rules. USA Swimming Scratch Rule #207.11.6E will be used at this meet.

The 500 Free (10-U only), 1000 Free and 1650 Free will compete as timed finals. The 1000 and 1650 will be swum 11-Up but awarded as separate age groups. The 1000 and 1650 will be swum fastest to slowest, one swimmer per Lane, and after a 10-minute break following the relay events Swimmers in the 1000 and 1650 will be required to provide their own Timers (2 are preferred), Lap Counter and lap counting device.



Meet Referee – Thad Winzenz
Head Starter – John Richardson
Admin Ref – Dominique Parke
Lead Deck Ref – Tom Cross
Admin Official/Computer Ops – TJ Kay & Amanda Tien
Lead CJ – Scott Sewell
Meet Director – Phuong Nguyen (


Meet Referee – Amber Ponciano
Head Starter – Alex Ongaco
Admin Ref – Scott Hastings
Lead Deck Ref – Kevin Tokunaga
Admin Official/Computer Ops – Mark Tadayeski & Michelle Owen
Lead CJ – Jason Shibata
Meet Director – Kathy Myers/Kathleen Calkins

All working Officials must have passed the background check, athlete protection training, and concussion course mandated by USA Swimming. Before the beginning of the meet, the Meet Referee will verify that this condition has been met. All Officials must wear their Officials’ credentials visibly while working.

Each Team shall, by the entry deadline, provide to the Meet Director or designee a list of Officials who have agreed to represent their Team during the meet, in accordance with the following table:


All Coaches must have evidence of their USA Swimming Certification and will be required to check-in with the Meet Director and Meet Referee the night before the start of the meet with a screenshot of your Deck Pass. We ask that all Coaches please print out your own meet paperwork prior to coming to the meet. The preliminary meet documents will be posted the night before the sessions starts and final meet documents will be posted after finalized each day. Coaches unable to present evidence of certification will not be allowed to coach on the Pool Deck and the Coach and Club will each be fined $100. Those Coaches without evidence of certification will not be able to be at the competition since this is a no spectator meet.

The Meet Referee will conduct a Coaches Meeting electronically before arrival or send pertinent information the day before the meet begins.

OQM Details

Officials must apply to work this meet. An Official wanting an assigned position of a Chief Judge, Starter or Deck Referee (with or without evaluation) must send his/her application to the Meet Referee, by midnight June 27th, 2021. All other Officials need to apply by sending their applications to the Meet Referee by midnight, July 1st, 2021.
This is a qualifying meet for National Officials Certification. We will apply for approval that this meet will be a Qualifying Meet for National Officials Certification.

  • For the LSC Official to advance, the candidate has to be observed by a National Evaluator indicating that the candidate has demonstrated the appropriate qualities and skills over several sessions and has been recommended for advancement by the National Evaluator.
  • For the N2 Officials to advance to their highest certification, the Official needs to have officiated at a minimum of eight (8) sessions in that position prior to requesting an evaluation.
  • For the Qualifying Meet to be valid for the Official, the Official has to work four (4) sessions.

All Officials are urged to attend the mini-clinic briefings, whether they desire N2 or N3 certification evaluations.

Remember, to be eligible for the N3 certification, an Official must have worked at two (2) LSC Championships, Zones, Sectionals, Futures or OQMs, minimum of four (4) sessions each, in the three years prior to application.

It is expected that Swimmers will be capable of swimming National Championships and/or Junior National Championship qualifying times at this meet.

This meet is open to all Officials who wish to, and are eligible to, be evaluated for advancement and re-certification.

Officials wishing to be evaluated at this meet, please email a request form to the Meet Referee (Thad Winzenz – These applications must be received by 27th, 2021, so that the National Evaluator can process your request. We will try to accommodate all requests for evaluation, but this may not be possible, especially at the Deck Referee, Starter and Chief Judge positions. Requests will be considered in the order in which they are received.

Official’s Briefing Trials: 8:00 AM to 8:45 AM (required of all Officials) each day each day at the Elk Grove site or Folsom site. Official’s Briefing Finals: One half-hour before Finals begins (required of all Officials) at the Elk Grove site.


  • Bill Rose
  • Niffey Carmody
  • Dana Covington
  • Jason Shibata
  • Scott Sewell
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